Ensuring the highest quality and proper safety of medicines and other pharmaceutical products is one of our main tasks! The pharmaceutical company Vista has a system of pharmacovigilance and monitors the safety of medicines in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine (Law of Ukraine “On Medicinal Products”, the Procedure for pharmacovigilance, approved by the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine from 27.12.2006 № 898 (edited by decree of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of 26.09.2016 No. 996), the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on approval of the standard “The regulations. Medications. Good Pharmacovigilance Practices” dated April 5, 2018 № 620, i.e.).

the process related to the detection, collection, evaluation, study and prevention of adverse reactions, adverse events after immunization / tuberculin testing and any other issues related to the safety and efficacy of medicines, vaccines, tuberculin.
Adverse Effect
any unintentional adverse reaction to the drug; any unintentional adverse reaction to the vaccine, tuberculin, if it is caused or accelerated by the active ingredient (one of the other components) or is associated with abnormalities in the production of the vaccine, tuberculin, including the delivery device provided by the manufacturer.
Pharmacovigilance allows you to identify risks when using medicines in the post-registration period. Taking into account such information makes it possible to minimize the side effects of the medicine or reduce its impact, as a result allows the patient to receive the most optimal and effective treatment. That is why information about medicines side effects sold by the pharmaceutical company Vista is very important to us!
If you have learned about:

- adverse reaction;

LOE - Lack of Efficacy

- problems associated with abuse, overdose, misuse;

- transmission of the pathogen through the drug;

- side effects during pregnancy or breastfeeding;

- impact on embryo while the medicine is being administered;

- unexpected therapeutic effect;

- influence on the speed of reaction while driving a vehicle or other mechanisms;

- mistakes while taking medications of the company LLC “PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY VISTA”, please find the opportunity to inform us in a way convenient for you, indicated below.

It is important to indicate in the message:
  1. The name of the medicine used.
  2. Describe the problem (adverse reaction and / or lack of efficacy) associated with taking the medicine.
  3. Information about the person who used the medicine (age, sex, name).
  4. Contact details of the person who made the notification.

Tel .: + 38 (050) 366 48 43 - round the clock


Or fill out the form on the site:
Adverse drug reaction card for consumers
Adverse drug reaction card for medical professionals

Before informing about the side effect of the drug, please read Regulations on the confidentiality of LLC “PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY VISTA ”, which is the granting of permission for the processing of your / consumer’s personal data to the extent necessary and sufficient for pharmacovigilance.

We will be grateful for your message!

* Information about products for consumers, provided in accordance with Art. 15 of the Law “On Consumer Protection”.